Sonic Byways with Jamie Lynn

Patti Fiasco Will Torch Your Town

July 30, 2012

While gettin' jiggy in my home studio in Wilmington, North Carolina, I'm reminiscing about the Wilds of Wyoming and a band to be reckoned with, Patti Fiasco.   I first heard the Fiasco outdoors, lots of hay and a forest and barn-burning guitar riffs and then, they moved  a few blocks over to Jill Hunter's rip-roaring Lander Bar, where they thoroughly lit the town on fire.  I told them about a little place called Aspen and now, they're coming.  Enjoy a vintage Sonic Byways and kindred sounds from Johnette Napolitano, just in time for Patti Fiasco's Aspen debut.  As of press time, the band is still on fire.