Sonic Byways with Jamie Lynn

SXSW Comes to Sonic Byways

May 4, 2012

Jamie tears her ACL and decides to go to SXSW Music Festival for a pre-surgery hurrah.   She discovers a five-hour Woody Guthrie Tribute; ogles Bruce Springsteen during his keynote address;  visits with well-dressed musicians (Patrolled by Radar!) and pries herself away from day-drinking just in time to catch her flight.

Back in Aspen, it's the Aspen's 7908 Songwriter's Festival, and Austin's Carrie Rodriguez and Luke Jacobs stop by the studio for a special Saturday a.m. edition of Sonic Byways.  The three talk songwriting therapy,  food trailer favorites, and Carrie's penchant for a coupla ice-cold Baltimore Ladies.

Featuring an in-studio performance, highlights from SXSW and a music medley from The Preservationists and Patrolled by'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll go to Austin.